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By Faye Dennie

5 4 hours ago

I would rate Sokoloff Lawyers 7 or even 10 stars, if I could!

My husband did all the research to contact and choose Sokoloff Lawyers. I am so happy to have had Savannah and Nicole working on my case! Everything I needed, they gave me. They were both accessible and made sure I had all the information and contacts that I needed. I always got quick responses from them. I would rate Sokoloff Lawyers 7 or even 10 stars, if I could! For sure, I would recommend them to my family and friends.
By Claudio

5 2 days ago

Thank very much

I'd like to thank Wendy and her team for helping me with my situation to receive the best possible outcome.Special thanks to Karen Currie for keeping me up to speed and providing anything i needed, Sincerely Claudio Scalercio
By Sharon Carter

5 3 days ago

I knew that this was the law firm I needed to go with.

I had another lawyer before and based on a recommendation, called Sokoloff Lawyers. When I spoke with Savannah, I was floored! She was all over it and really on the ball. Even though I am a former Law Clerk myself, I knew that this was the law firm I needed to go with. I was really in no shape to handle things very well, but Savannah and Susan were absolutely amazing! I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer. Friendly, Compassionate. Everyone was just great. I give them 5 stars and would recommend them to family and friends.
By David Edsell Verified Review

5 4 days ago

I give a 5-star rating and more!

A lawyer friend of mine in Pennsylvania looked up Sokoloff Lawyers online and found your reputation to be exceptional. After speaking with Wendy, and realizing how well informed she was, I knew I was going with this law firm. I can’t speak highly enough about Jack! Always well-researched and absolutely going above and beyond! Honestly, unbelievable. Inseon always communicated back to me very quickly to answer any of my emails. I give a 5-star rating and more! I would absolutely, without a doubt recommend Sokoloff Lawyers to family and friends.
By N.R. Verified Review

5 10 days ago

I was impressed right away and knew I needed to go with them.

I heard about Sokoloff Lawyers through a friend and then I researched their website. I was impressed right away and knew I needed to go with them. Wendy was so friendly and easy to speak with. Sometimes the boss at some companies are not so friendly, but she took time to speak with me and I even love her dog! I have to mention to Wendy how awesome Maja was, as well as Meral! Maja was very helpful and showed empathy towards me. Communication with any concerns or questions I had was immediate. I give a 5-star rating For sure! I would recommend Sokoloff Lawyers to my family and friends.
By Geraldine Wright Verified Review

5 16 days ago

I give Sokoloff Lawyers 5 stars

A friend of mine, who is a former client, recommended Wendy Sokoloff to me. I felt comfortable right away with Wendy, Ashley and Vasanda. They were very patient with me and very caring. Just the way they communicated with me made me feel like I was almost one of the family. They were very professional and I always felt that Wendy, Ashley and Vasanda were available for me to reach out to them. They always gave me hope. Sokoloff Lawyers left an imprint on my life and I will always recommend them to my family and friends.
By J.A. Verified Review

5 17 days ago

Once I spoke to Stanley, I knew this was the right firm.

I heard about Sokoloff Lawyers from seeing and hearing your ads on TV and Radio (Fan 590, City TV, Sportnet, CP24). Then, I googled the name. I chose Sokoloff Lawyers because of the approach and I got a good first impression when I call the very first time. There is a sincere willingness to help someone like me, who had been turned down for Long Term Disability benefits. Once I spoke to Stanley, I knew this was the right firm, even after speaking with 2 other law firms. Derisa and Liezel were always very helpful and gave me quick feedback, when I needed it. I give a 5-star rating. I would definitely recommend Sokoloff Lawyers to my friends and family.
By Lucie Coté Ghanime Verified Review

5 27 days ago

They had my back all the way!

My in laws used Savannah's services after a motor vehicle accident and my brother in law and husband recommended Sokoloff Lawyers to me. Everything was explained to me very clearly from the beginning, (how, what and when). Everyone in the office was very courteous and patient and responded to phone calls or email promptly. I thank Savannah and all the office clerks that had my back all the way. Words are not enough to express my gratitude.
By Sokoloff Client Verified Review

5 a month ago

I was referred by a family friend

I looked Sokoloff Lawyers up online after a friend of my father's referred them to me. After I met Wendy I chose Sokoloff lawyers because I liked her a lot. Doug always kept in contact with me and would call me regularly if anything changed in my case. He was easy to talk to and always explained things well, and thoroughly. Karen was also excellent and very quick to return my calls. I would recommend Sokoloff to my family and friends. Robert Bagusoski
By Sokoloff Client Verified Review

5 a month ago

Thank God for Wendy!

A friend recommended that Wendy call me, which she did. I was impressed with my initial conversation with her. Karen drove to my home (4 hours from Toronto) to get the sparks flying and gave me straight up information. Thank God for Wendy! Whenever I had questions, Wendy always got back to me right away and was very professional. Wendy is #1! She made my whole world turn around and I would give her 7 stars if I could. I have already spoken to my family and friends about Sokoloff Lawyers and would highly recommend them. John Krumbacher We contacted a local (Windsor, ON), well known and well self advertised and also a recommended lawyer, who would not touch my husband’s case “with a ten foot pole” because my husband was originally charged in the accident although he was the only physically damaged person, his vehicle a write-off and the charges reduced upon a court review. Obviously this firm’s only concern was the monetary advantage, not caring about a case in order to help well deserving/hard working victims/citizens. Wendy and her extremely dedicated team saw that we were working to “deal” with our situation as best as humanly possible. They became part of our lives to assist us with the reality of our situation and they guided us to a well deserved settlement. They brought in not only their on-site staff but also a series of support contractors (Nurses, Occupational Therapists and many, many certified professionals) to see that John will be taken care of now and in the years ahead. We are grateful and very pleased with the outcome. Sincerely, Linda Krumbacher