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5 2 months ago

One of the best lawyers you can have on your side

They are so informative always intouch explain everything and most of all they have the patience and understanding. The best thing is their always there when you need them and always and i mean always answer and explain and Listen is the word they alwaus Listen to you... thnx for all your help..
By Joanne Amos

5 6 months ago

Caring, compassionate and true advocates

Stanley and Liezel have been by my side for almost 7 years. The defendant in my case was adamant that I not see any money. Staley and Liezel kept me going, kept my confidence intact and I never had any doubts that they were working hard for me. There were times when I felt frustrated about how long the process was (COVID was NOT helpful!) but Stanley and Liezel were always there for a phone call, an email message, and the support I received from them was beyond measure. The day before trial, the defendant offered a settlement that I was very satisfied with and I know, beyond doubt, that Stanley was working diligently to make this settlement happen. I am grateful and thankful to Stanley, Liezel and Sokoloff lawyers for helping me.
By Len Langlois

5 9 months ago

Hit on my Motorcycle by a careless driver

I have an on going Motorcycle claim with this wonderful law firm.Wendy and her team Meral and Ketty have always got my back with any concerns I may have as well as making sure all my needs in terms of physical and mental rehab are concerned.Without their help I would be in a much darker place. I couldn't be happier about their attentive service that is second to none Thank You Wendy Meral and Ketty
By Margaret Chichetu

5 9 months ago

New Immigrant

I thank God to meet a brilliant Lawyer, understanding. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.
By J.Rolle

5 10 months ago

I was treated like family, not just a client.

(I was) treated like family, not just a client. Thank-you Ashley and Samantha for opening (the) doors after hours for me. Thank you Wendy for being inviting. I would definitely recommend Sokoloff Lawyers to my friend and my family.
By Suganathan Sriskandarajah

5 10 months ago

They answered every question I had.

I was referred to Sokoloff Lawyers by a center. Stanley and Liezel were wonderful, they answered every question I had. Thank you to the whole team for helping me throughout this whole process and making it easy.
By Marilyn Blake Verified Review

5 10 months ago

So supportive and always up front.

My husband was the one who decided on choosing Sokoloff. I love the warm atmosphere of the office. Ashley was so supportive and always up front with information and advice. I want to thank Mirsada for all her help. Without her, I don’t know how I would survive.
By Sokoloff Client Verified Review

5 10 months ago

They believed in me.

The thing that stood out most for me about Sokoloff was that they believed in me. Ashely and Mirsada were always helpful and communicated very well. Thank-you to Ashley and Mirsada’s effort and hard work to help me with my case.
By Sokoloff Client Verified Review

5 10 months ago

I didn't have to wait for a response

I chose Sokoloff Lawyers from all the reviews and explanation (great) of how services and their team works. The fact that I didn’t have to wait for a response when emailed if that person couldn’t respond someone else responded in a timely manner. Thank you to Ashley for handling this very professionally and to Mirsada for the constant updates.
By Gui Min Verified Review

5 10 months ago

Very friendly, hard working and very quick response!

I choose Sokoloff because of their services in both English and Chinese mandarin and their excellent lawyers and assistants. They offered professional services, very friendly, hard working and very quick response. I am very grateful to Meral, Robert, Alisa, Na Li and Rubing for their excellent and friendly services. I give them 5 stars and would recommend them to my friends and my family.