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By Sokoloff Client Verified Review

5 Jan 2, 2020

Immediate care!

I was referred by a previous client of Wendy’s. The immediate care that I received was what stood out to me. Right away I had an OT and all the professional care Wendy put into play. The staff was always kind and had excellent service, especially Inseon and Zahily! Jack was also very caring, kind and answered all my questions within a short period of time and in a way that I could understand. Thank you! Signed: Julie Morton
By Sokoloff Client Verified Review

5 Dec 23, 2019

I heard about Sokolloff Lawyers Online

I chose Sokoloff because of their free consultation and no charge with case settled. Thank you to Sherry and Doug who were responsive and supportive. Five out of Five stars! Dayesha Rambhujun
By Sokoloff Client Verified Review

5 Dec 13, 2019

Best deal!

I heard about Sokoloff Lawyers from their tv commercial. Nan tried her best to get the best deal! Thank you very much Nan for all you did! Signed: NRN
By Peter

5 Dec 10, 2019

Much appreciated

Patience and fortitude. Maintain these two characteristics and you will be rewarded with superior service and results. Solicitor David Richmon was on point during the moderation process, from an excellent case overview presentation to an unyielding negotiation that surpassed my initial preferred settlement.
By Sokoloff Client Verified Review

5 Dec 2, 2019

I am pleased with Sokoloff Lawyers' Service

I am very pleased with the service you gave me The money is great able to invest it. And I will be pleased to tell others about Sokoloff an what they did for me. Thank you very much Larry Sears
By Sokoloff Client Verified Review

5 Nov 28, 2019

We heard about Sokoloff on Television Ads

We chose Sokoloff Lawyers because they required no money up front and if they didn't recover anything, we wouldn't get billed. We would recommend them to our friends and family! Signed: Pat Colley and Robert Yeoman
By Sokoloff Client

5 Nov 28, 2019

Everything was really good!

I was referred to Sokoloff Lawyers. They replied right away and they explained everything to me. Thank you to Vasanda, Mala and Ashley! Signed: S.R.
By Sokoloff Client Verified Review

5 Nov 28, 2019

Things were moved along quickly!

I saw Sokoloff Lawyers on the internet and I chose them because of what I read and what I heard from different people. Ashley moved things along quickly and respectfully. I just want to say you guys did a great job! Signed: anonymously
By Sokoloff Client

5 Nov 22, 2019

I heard about Sokoloff through a friend and advertisements

What stood out to me about Sokoloff is their friendliness and openness to help. They were very empathic to my situation. Thank you for all your kindness and help. I would recommend them to my friends and family! Signed - Anonymous
By Sokoloff Client Verified Review

5 Nov 20, 2019

Recommended by friend

Jack was very professional and I am satisfied with the service, communication and results. I would recommend Sokoloff Lawyers to my friends and family and give them a five-star rating. Signed: Candy Liu