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By Sokoloff Client Verified Review

5 Oct 5, 2020

Wendy did an amazing job during mediation!

I heard about Sokoloff Lawyers as a recommendation and I chose them because the response I received whenever I called was excellent. Someone always had answers for me. Really, everything was really good and everyone worked really hard on my case. Vasanda was especially helpful, as was Wendy who did an amazing job during mediation. The end result was difficult, but Wendy worked hard to get it for me. I would highly recommend Sokoloff Lawyers to my family and friends. Signed: Umasuthan Kumarakurunathan
By Marcy Leith

4 Aug 26, 2020

Mediation Meeting with David Richmon

Had a great experience meeting with David - he worked towards getting the best outcome for me. It was a long day because the mediation was virtual but we did have a great time. He is very personable, we shard a few laughs as well., No complaints on my part. Thank you.
By Sokoloff Client Verified Review

5 Aug 11, 2020

Thank you and everyone else in the office!

Dear Savannah, I hope this email finds you well. I would like to thank you and everyone else in the office who worked tirelessly on our behalf. It has been a long and arduous few years for our family, but we are very fortunate to have had your support and guidance, for which we are all deeply obliged. As a young lawyer, I find that this experience has not only afforded me a unique and personal insight into the civil litigation process but has also motivated me further to help others who are in the very predicament that my family once found itself in. Signed - Anonymous
By Sokoloff Client Verified Review

5 Jun 18, 2020

At the top of their profession!

After I suffered very serious injuries from being hit by a car, my family doctor recommended I use Sokoloff Lawyers. Wendy, Ashley, Inseon and the whole office were ready to help 24/7- Wendy never sleeps! They were honest, highly professional and at the top of their profession. They were able to get my case resolved very quickly and the results were beyond my highest expectations! Signed: Alla
By Sokoloff Client Verified Review

5 Jun 5, 2020

Recommended by a friend

A friend referred Sokoloff Lawyers to me for my motor vehicle accident and they were on top of everything. I would recommend them to my friend and family. Singed: Sheryl Singh
By Sokoloff Client Verified Review

5 Jun 2, 2020

Second Time Customer

I chose Sokoloff Lawyers because I was happy with my results the first time. During my case Samantha was knowledgeable, experienced and available – everything you’d want in a law clerk. I would recommend Sokoloff Lawyers to others, and have already referred to my family. Signed: Anonymous
By Sokoloff Client Verified Review

5 May 28, 2020

Their communication stands out!

I liked and appreciated Sokoloff’s ability in their communication with myself and the insurer and their handling of the settlements. I first heard about them in the newspaper and after being a client I would rate them 5 out of 5 stars and would recommend them! Signed Anonymous
By Sokoloff Client

5 Apr 17, 2020

Referred by a friend

The initial contact and subsequent interview convinced me that I will receive a high degree of service from the firm. I liked the service, friendly staff. Sokoloff Lawyers is a good firm, obtained very good result for me. I especially liked dealing with Savannah and Nicole, both became friends as well. Signed: Satisfied Client
By Sokoloff Client Verified Review

5 Apr 15, 2020

What They Say They Deliver!

I was happy to have Sokoloff on my side, they really fight for your rights. I would recommend them and was referred by a friend. Signed: Sandra Mohabir
By Sokoloff Client Verified Review

5 Apr 8, 2020

Thank you for treating me like a person and not a paycheck!

I chose Sokoloff Lawyers because of how Savannah treated me the day we met. They were compassionate, understanding and kind. They listened to me and my concerns. They have a very comforting team of people to take care of you. Thank you for the compassion and prompt resolution to my case. Thank you for treating me like a person, and not a paycheck! Thanks for everything! Signed: Valerie Ferris