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By Sokoloff Client Verified Review

5 11 months ago

I was referred by a family friend

I looked Sokoloff Lawyers up online after a friend of my father's referred them to me. After I met Wendy I chose Sokoloff lawyers because I liked her a lot. Doug always kept in contact with me and would call me regularly if anything changed in my case. He was easy to talk to and always explained things well, and thoroughly. Karen was also excellent and very quick to return my calls. I would recommend Sokoloff to my family and friends. Robert Bagusoski
By Sokoloff Client Verified Review

5 11 months ago

Thank God for Wendy!

A friend recommended that Wendy call me, which she did. I was impressed with my initial conversation with her. Karen drove to my home (4 hours from Toronto) to get the sparks flying and gave me straight up information. Thank God for Wendy! Whenever I had questions, Wendy always got back to me right away and was very professional. Wendy is #1! She made my whole world turn around and I would give her 7 stars if I could. I have already spoken to my family and friends about Sokoloff Lawyers and would highly recommend them. John Krumbacher We contacted a local (Windsor, ON), well known and well self advertised and also a recommended lawyer, who would not touch my husband’s case “with a ten foot pole” because my husband was originally charged in the accident although he was the only physically damaged person, his vehicle a write-off and the charges reduced upon a court review. Obviously this firm’s only concern was the monetary advantage, not caring about a case in order to help well deserving/hard working victims/citizens. Wendy and her extremely dedicated team saw that we were working to “deal” with our situation as best as humanly possible. They became part of our lives to assist us with the reality of our situation and they guided us to a well deserved settlement. They brought in not only their on-site staff but also a series of support contractors (Nurses, Occupational Therapists and many, many certified professionals) to see that John will be taken care of now and in the years ahead. We are grateful and very pleased with the outcome. Sincerely, Linda Krumbacher
By Sokoloff Client Verified Review

5 Jan 14, 2021

Wendy and the whole Sokoloff family have my support - 100%!

I chose Sokoloff Lawyers because a friend had nothing but positive things to say. They didn't waste time and were very professional and friendly. I was treated as if I was family. I wasn't brushed off or put on the back burner. Both Mirsada and Ashley were polite, professional and made sure to follow up and update me on everything going on. Even when I didn't ask, I received updates. I am happy to have met them and used them. Wendy and the whole Sokoloff family have my support 100%! Signed: James Hussey
By Sokoloff Client Verified Review

5 Jan 12, 2021

Oh you meet the nicest people, by accident!

I had heard of Wendy from many years ago, as a real go-getter. When my son was hurt, Wendy immediately made a positive impact with his situation. Throughout the entire handling of the case, Wendy and Karen easily handled any and all of the complications. Also, they always responded very quickly to any communication with me. I would recommend them to family and friends! Oh, you meet the nicest people, by accident! Wayne Shepard
By Sokoloff Client Verified Review

5 Jan 11, 2021

After my initial call I felt I could trust them.

I called and spoke directly with Mirsada who put me in touch with Ashley. After speaking with them, I knew I could rely on them, and it helped that Mirsada spoke Albanian. They both made me feel comfortable with their immediate communication and advice. During our interactions they made me feel really cared for, I hope we never need a personal injury lawyer again, but if we do, we would use Sokoloff Lawyers again. We recommend them to our family and friends. We would give Sokoloff Lawyers more than 5 stars if we could! Signed: A.N.
By Sokoloff Client Verified Review

5 Jan 8, 2021

My father referred me to Sokoloff Lawyers

I heard Sokoloff were top notch and I researched what they do. I was most impressed with Wendy and the team because I could reach Wendy and my clerks whenever I wanted. Wendy's communication was excellent and immediate. She was amazing and always responded to my questions thoroughly and was able to secure a really good settlement offer! I would recommend Sokoloff to anyone, and have already referred them to my friends and family. Signed: Ikra Hilmy
By Sokoloff Client Verified Review

5 Dec 31, 2020

After speaking with Wendy, I chose Sokoloff Lawyers.

I was referred by my friends and when I first spoke to Wendy she made me feel comfortable in choosing Sokoloff Lawyers for my motor vehicle accident. I really appreciated the excellent service from Wendy, Liezel and Stanley. The communication was very good and everyone at Sokoloff Lawyers was very helpful. I am confident that I can now focus on getting back to normal life again. Signed: Mustafa Yalcin
By Sokoloff Client Verified Review

5 Dec 24, 2020

Sokoloff Lawyers were recommended by my co-worker.

My life was turned upside down after I suffered a serious injury that disabled me from working. I am a single mother and in addition to being injured, I was also consumed with financial stress. What I appreciate most about Sokoloff Lawyers is that, not only did they fight for me and obtain a great settlement, but they were so empathetic and caring. Ashley and Mirsada spoke to me constantly and were always there to listen and offer assistance. Ashley understood how much this accident was affecting me and my family and she moved my case so quickly and I really appreciated what she did for me and my kids. They went above and beyond! I would recommend them to my family and friends! Signed: T.C.
By Agyul E

5 Dec 23, 2020
I had a very bad experience with my previous lawyer and was not happy so when my cousin mentioned that Savannah handled her case and she was very happy with her work that she is very professional, honest and hardworking I decided to meet her and I am so glad I did. Sokoloff Lawyers is a good firm and Savannah is the best lawyer in town. She is a very caring, honest and hardworking lawyer. She is always there for you and is available 24/7 to speak to you about your problem regarding your accident. She has a good team, they are very knowledgeable and caring as well and know exactly how to take care of their clients, All the clerks including Kelly and Suzy did a great job on my case. I appreciated that Savannah took good care of me, She was always there for me when I needed her especially for emotional support. She took care of me more than my family and friends would do. I am so grateful to her for handling my case and holding my hand all the way. She will always be in my prayers. Savannah you are an amazing lawyer, keep up the good work! Definitely, I would recommend Sokoloff to my friends and family and even if I see a stranger on the road who needs help with their accident case. I would go them and give them Savanah’s name and phone number.
By Sokoloff Client

5 Dec 3, 2020

Everyone at Sokoloff was friendly, helpful and available

Before I hired Sokoloff Lawyers, I spoke to other law firms but they only seemed to care about getting me to sign and treated me like a number. Ashley took the time to speak to me and explain things to me and I could tell she really cared. I knew Sokoloff would be the right firm to handle my claim for the denial of my long-term disability benefits. Ashley told me what to expect, had a plan, and was able to settle my claim quickly. I really appreciated the way Ashley believed me and fought for me. Everyone at Sokoloff was friendly, helpful and available to answer any questions and I want to specifically thank Mirsada and Samantha for their assistance on my file. Signed - Anonymously