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By Sokoloff Client

5 Jul 1, 2014
Wendy Sokoloff and her team are tireless champions for the rights of injury victims. Unwavering focus, and a long term commitment (8 years) her team performed a thorough case investigation, calling upon a variety of resources and professional experts to help our son (and us) deal with his physical chronic pain as well as his psychological and emotional injuries. Wendy and her legal assistant Vasanda Idahosa supported our entire family as we were suffering from the trauma of having an injured child. Wendy and Vasanda are always quick to respond to our phone calls and emails with clarity, patience and understanding easing the stress of our journey. Wendy’s personal commitment, gentle demeanor and easy-going style (with us as her clients) made for simple understanding of our son’s complex case issues and strategy. Her law firm combines great legal skill and huge compassion for those who are victims of personal injury. As parents, we have confidence in Wendy and trusted her recommendations over an ever changing 8 year long case timeline. We appreciated Wendy’s tenacity and fierce advocacy for our son’s case, which achieved a settlement after many struggles and legal challenges. We will never be able to thank Wendy, Vasanda and the Sokoloff team enough for all their efforts easing us through the process. We highly recommend Wendy Sokoloff and the firm of Sokoloff Laywers for personal injury case. Many thanks again - Ivo Bordignon and Judy Dunlap -
By Sokoloff Client

5 Jun 15, 2014
I would like to thank Wendy & Karen for both being very helpful with my case. I do wish that I had been familiar with Sokoloff Lawyers at the time I had been injured and I would have had them represent me as my counsel through the entire case, where as things did turn out good at the end of the case they could have turned out much better. I did appreciate the way Wendy was able to relieve us of a lot of our debt that we had incurred because of living expenses while this case had carried on. Karen Currie was always quick to respond to any questions at all that I had concerning the case. I would definitely consider Karen to be the best law clerk that I have ever communicated with. Different law firms that I have dealt with in the past, it always seemed that the law clerks would be avoiding me, thus leaving me without answers to any questions in regards to my case. I would say that Sokoloff Lawyers is an excellent law firm!!!!! I have already mentioned Sokoloff Lawyers to friends, family, many strangers and will continue to do so in the future. - Colleen -
By Sokoloff Client

5 Jun 10, 2014
As I had mentioned before Colleen and myself are very thankful for the service that you have given us. We do not know where we would be at this time if it had not been for you and your staff. Once again Wendy, thank you very much. - Thomas -
By Sokoloff Client

5 May 22, 2014
Sokoloff Lawyers was of great help to me, not only with the case but even psychologically speaking. I was given all the support, information and guidance I needed to deal with my case at all times. I was also able to get updates regularly from the staff as to how my case was progressing and what to do at each step of the litigation. Sokoloff Lawyers are the best lawyers I have ever met, great dedicated staff. Without their help I would not have been able to make it through all the litigation procedures until the final resolution of my cases. Sokoloff Lawyer’s staff was specially supportive for me all the time. I am very thankful for all the work they have done with my cases. - Nelly Vernaza -
By Sokoloff Client

5 Feb 27, 2014
我三年前在一次车祸中受伤。在我漫长的康复过程中,SOKOLOFF律师行给了我巨大的支持。沈峒昕先生专门负责我的案子, 安排伤情评估, 康复治疗, 多次联系保险公司以使我及时得到事故福利金, 等等. Adam Moras先生参加了最后与保险公司的谈判, 为我争取到令人满意的赔偿金. 他们的专业精神给我留下深刻印象. 我非常感激他们的帮助, 并愿向所有需要类似服务的人推荐SOKOLOFF LAWYERS。 - S.W. -
By Sokoloff Client

5 Feb 22, 2014
非常感谢贵公司全体同仁对我的鼎力帮助。 Great appreciation to Wendy, Robert and all of your colleague for your knowledge, professionalism, integrity, strategic thinking, enthusiasm, and responsiveness. I was very satisfied with what you said and did during two year fight with the insurance. I would like to say I was very lucky to retain with your firm. It has been shown a pleasant switch from the previous paralegal to your firm. Your dedication and concern in my case is highly appreciated. I would love to recommend your firm to others since my personal experience with you and Wendy is enjoyable and splendid. I can’t find a suitable word to express my excitement in my final settlement. I was very pleased with the quality, attentiveness of your services. I found Wendy to be very knowledgeable on personal injury law matters as they came up, and a real expert in finance issues. She always acted as a true friend to me, and became a trusted advisor. - Gilbert Li -
By Sokoloff Client

5 Feb 15, 2014
Adam & Robert, I would like to convey my sincere thanks to you for your effort. It was so kind of you to assist me in my car insurance claim. It was just what I needed but never expected! You always seem to know the perfect time to say or do on my behalf. I am truly touched by your generosity, your spirit, and willingness to get out of your way to help me. I am indeed lucky to have a friend like you in my life. Thank you again for being so thoughtful. - Jerry Yu -
By Sokoloff Client

5 Jan 31, 2014
I have been dealing with Sokoloff Lawyers for nearly 4 years and I must say I was treated with respect even when I was losing my own from the accident. I wasn’t just a number to the law firm; I was someone who was treated fairly right to the end. Wendy Sokoloff is very approachable and in tune with the party that NEEDS her help. I am very pleased with the work she has done for me. Whenever I visited her office she would approach me with my first name, which tells me she has a very high interest in her clients. I thank you Wendy for helping me overcome hurdles so that I can continue on with my life, and not be held back. I asked for help, you went to work for me and I you got me the compensation I deserved. I will always speak highly of Sokoloff Lawyers as their team is a team interested in the injured party’s wellbeing. - Martin R Berry -
By Sokoloff Client

5 Jan 20, 2014
Thank You Doug, Having a previous lawyer that wasn’t doing a good job, I worked very hard to convince my wife to change to Sokoloff Lawyers. After online research and phone calls to other firms, my wife and I came to meet at your office. Today I now know that was the right decision. I have zero doubts that you worked very hard and honestly on our case and we are very pleased with the settlement and grateful. Please say hello to Wendy Sokoloff, we will keep in touch. - Ivan & Blagovesta Totin -
By Sokoloff Client

5 Jan 15, 2014
Dear John and Jennifer, I would like to thank you for working on my behalf. I appreciate everything that you did to help me through this awful ordeal. I am glad it is over, I do not regret following through on it. I received my final instalment and feel happy that it can all be put behind me now. - Charlotte -