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By Sokoloff Client

5 Jan 20, 2014
Thank You Doug, Having a previous lawyer that wasn’t doing a good job, I worked very hard to convince my wife to change to Sokoloff Lawyers. After online research and phone calls to other firms, my wife and I came to meet at your office. Today I now know that was the right decision. I have zero doubts that you worked very hard and honestly on our case and we are very pleased with the settlement and grateful. Please say hello to Wendy Sokoloff, we will keep in touch. - Ivan & Blagovesta Totin -
By Sokoloff Client

5 Jan 15, 2014
Dear John and Jennifer, I would like to thank you for working on my behalf. I appreciate everything that you did to help me through this awful ordeal. I am glad it is over, I do not regret following through on it. I received my final instalment and feel happy that it can all be put behind me now. - Charlotte -
By Sokoloff Client

5 Jan 1, 2014
Dear Mr. Johnson, Mr. Shen & Ms. Tsen, I just wanted to take a moment to sincerely thank you for your hard work and dedication on my case. I think it is fair to say that your clients’ benefit from your legal expertise and ability to negotiate on their behalf. I would like to let you know how pleased I am with John, Robert & Tina’s handling of my case. You have all been really wonderful to communicate with and work together on my case. You kept me informed, and more importantly you listened and explained well to me my questions. Especially, thanks to Mr. Johnson, who did an excellent job on my final case settlement. Rest assured that I would refer you to any of my friends or acquaintances who would be in need of similar aid. - Feng(Frankie) Zhong -
By Sokoloff Client

5 Dec 9, 2013
I contacted Sokoloff lawyers a few months after a car accident on the advice of another lawyer. I worked closely with Wendy Sokoloff & Vasanda Idahosa. They were always available, organized and professional. They kept me up to date with each step of my case, from the filing of the Statement of Claim, reviewing the insurance company’s documents and mediation results. The firm worked very hard on my accident claim and I had excellent results. An accident is quite disruptive to someone’s life but Sokoloff lawyers were very knowledgeable about my case and personal injury law. They helped me through a very difficult time and I would not hesitate to refer friends and family to this law office. - Joanne Prince -
By Sokoloff Client

5 Nov 17, 2013
I was in a motor vehicle accident and hired Wendy Sokoloff and Doug Wright of Sokoloff Lawyers. We came to an appointment at Sokoloff Lawyers and it was pouring rain outside. We got soaked and all of our clothes were dripping wet. Doug Wright was running around trying to find us dry clothes. Wendy ended up giving us her spare clothes in the office. Not only that, Doug Wright drove us to the transit stop. They went above and beyond, and I truely felt like part of their family. This process was very emotional and Wendy helped me get through it. Everything she said, happened, and she delivered. I’m happy with my settlement and relieved that I can get on with my life. I just want to say how thankful I am to the clerks Zahily and Aleasha. You are both amazing. If anything happens to me or my family in the future, I wouldn’t hire anyone else but Sokoloff Lawyers. - Merlene Nelson -
By Sokoloff Client

5 Nov 1, 2013
I was in a car accident which had resulted in permanent injuries. My insurance company quickly cut me off all my benefits. A lawyer friend of mine suggested I contact Sokoloff to find out what my rights were, and thankfully I did. Sokoloff took care of everything for me and won my case to my satisfaction!! They were always quick to answer any questions, and ease my concerns. My experience has been that insurance companies do not like to hear that you have hired Sokoloff -that should be reason enough to do it. !! I would highly recommend Sokoloff, and have already recommended them to a friend and will never hesitate to do so in the future. Insurance companies are cruel and heartless; however Sokoloff helps you feel worthy and powerful. Thank you John, Wendy, Lori and everyone else who helped in my settlement!!! I can finally have peace of mind and closure! - Ms. DiPasquale -
By Sokoloff Client

5 Oct 22, 2013
I feel like I am with my family every time I visit Sokoloff Lawyers. When I was in pain and hopeless, I came to Sokoloff Layers and I felt relief and hope. I always managed to calm down when I used to speak to them and get the idea that every difficulty will be solved. I am so happy for everything they helped me with. When I knew I needed a lawyer, I prayed for a good one and this was my prayer’s result. There are so many lawyers out here but none like what such special lawyers I found at Sokoloff lawyers. I am so grateful for the all the work done. - Emebet Gedlu -
By Sokoloff Client

5 Oct 12, 2013
I had another lawyer for various years. He told me to take an offer that I thought was too low. I came to Wendy Sokoloff for a free second opinion and Wendy thought the offer was too low as well. Within 8 months, Wendy was able to triple the offer and the case settled. I wish Wendy had been our lawyer right from the start! Listen to Wendy because she really does know what she is talking about. Even the Judge at our pre-trial before the trial started, said to me that he was shocked by the large amount the insurance company was offering us and he thought we should grab it when we could. - Elif Kayhan -
By Sokoloff Client

5 Oct 1, 2013
My insurance cancelled me and when I had a bad accident I had no insurance. My first lawyer did nothing. Then I found Wendy. She helped me to sue the broker and the insurance company and too many things happened but Wendy never gave up and won everything. My case was so complicated but Wendy always took the time to explain and answer all of my questions. We did arbitration,traffic court,and Court —we won everything! Wendy not only took care of me but made sure my family got monies too. Doug was great too. So calm and confident. I do not know where I would be now if I had not found the right lawyers when I did. Believe what you hear about Wendy and Sokoloff lawyers because it is all true! - Ersin Aksoy -
By Sokoloff Client

5 Sep 25, 2013
When my mother suffered a brain injury Wendy Sokoloff was there from the start. She actually came to the hospital and organized everything from looking after my mom to eventually helping her move to a better place. She fought the insurance company on anything that was denied and was successful on everything. Now my mom [and dad] have all their needs met plus more than enough money to take care of themselves for the rest of their lives. Thanks to Wendy and Niloo for a job well done. We will definitely recommend this firm. - Olson Family -