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By Ibrahim Adebayo Suleiman

5 a month ago

Understanding all their clients situations

Sokoloff and all the Lawyers are working together to make sure their clients is in good shape at the end of their cases.,they speaking so many languages and always hire people who will speak and translate whichever languages they don't understand to make their client comfortable. Sokoloff are the best in the city if Toronto and Ontario. Please call Sokoloff today for the assistance in helping solving all your accident and injury problems.
By E.G.

5 2 months ago

I’m happy that they had someone who speaks Spanish!

I am really happy with the communication from their team, always quick with updates. Also, I’m happy that they had someone who speaks Spanish for me to work with. I speak English, but it was always helpful anyways. Thank you to Jack, Inseon and Ketty! I would definitely recommend Sokoloff to my family and friends.
By Shirley Kalwaney

5 2 months ago

Worked tirelessly for our family!

The team at Sokoloff law worked tirelessly to get our mother a settlement. They were available for any and all questions. We are very appreciate of all their work!
By Mohamed Abdi Verified Review

5 2 months ago

I had a good support system that was ready to fight for me!

I heard about Sokoloff Lawyers from their commercial on FLOW 93.5 and by word of mouth. I originally had paralegals who recommended I call Sokoloff Lawyers. When I called, everyone was very cordial and made me feel that I had a good support system that was ready to fight for me. They saved me from a lot of frustration and the 4 years went by smoothly because of their services. Stanley and Liezel were especially helpful and professional. Wendy is THE BEST! She spoke to me on my last assessment. I give 5 stars, although I wish I could give 10! I have a long list of people I would recommend Sokoloff Lawyers to.
By frank

5 4 months ago

Stanley Razenberg

100% effort on my behave could not be more satisfied with Stanley and his teem great job !! Thanks Frank
By M M

5 5 months ago

⭐️S T A N L E Y ⭐️

⭐️ S T A N L E Y ⭐️ BIG THANK YOU !! No words can describe the loyalty, understanding , caring for our future and beyond that My family and I received from Stanley. Sokoloff is the BEST law firm in Canada and beyond. Thank you to all
By Richard Micallef

5 5 months ago

I am so grateful a family friend referred me to Sokoloff Law

I had a very complicated case that went from one law firm to the next to the next at which point i thought it was a hopeless lost case until we found our saviour Sokoloff Law Firm especially all my gratitude goes out to Wendy for taking on my case and Mr Stanley Razenberg and all their team. Without the help of the entire Sokoloff Law firm, I know that i would not have had the successful outcome i have had. Mr Stanley Razenberg took on an extremely difficult case and encountered issues that no one expected and a few had ever seen. He worked tirelessly to make sure that the truth was told and presented it perfectly. He has stood by every one of my requests and guided me trough the entire lengthy process. Though we faced challenges, Mr Razenberg did not falter. His through research provided us the pathway we needed to rise to victory. I will only recommend Sokoloff Law as i have never been nor have i ever seen anyone treated better. I am proud to be a Sokoloff client and will continue to retain them for all legal matters that may arise as i know i am in the best hands. Thank you team Sokoloff. Richard
By Anonymous

5 7 months ago

Wendy is impressive!

I heard about Sokoloff Lawyers from my Family Lawyer, originally. I got a call from Wendy and was impressed with her approach to my serious accident and that’s when the whole grind of the process began. Throughout the time of this case, I constantly expressed how overwhelming and confusing the barrage of paperwork and need for treatment was. Dealing with Insurance Company exams and denials, etc. This isn’t something people should have to deal with. You need support. Doug Wright, Karen and the team gave me that support to work through all the stress and also the burden on the family. At the end, you understand how important it is to have the right lawyer working for you.
By Beth Bowman Verified Review

5 7 months ago

My quality of life is better because of Wendy.

I was with another lawyer originally, but was not impressed. So, a friend of mine who is in the insurance business recommended Wendy Sokoloff. Wendy called me and said she would take my case. I wish I had met her earlier because my life turned a 180 and I was put in touch with healthcare services and therapy that made a big difference. Now, I’m able to manage my life better and it feels like it’s worth living. My quality of life is better because of Wendy. Jack was also very patient with me and I am really happy with the communication that they kept up for me.
By Anonymous

5 8 months ago

I am very grateful for Wendy, Ashley and Mirsada

I originally heard about Sokoloff Lawyers from a friend of mine, Edlira, who is a former employee of the firm. I chose Sokoloff Lawyers because I was convinced by my friend that I would be in good hands. During the process, I was very impressed with everyone’s knowledge and expertise, dealing with my case. I am very grateful for Wendy, Ashley and Mirsada. They were all very comfortable to communicate with.