By Auntie *

1 2 months ago

Gordon Bobesich & Secretary

The absolute worst experience here. He cut many corners, very unprofessional, at times takes weeks to respond, his secretary is a rude, unprofessional piece of work! He forwards personal emails instead of writing a professional email like most lawyers would, he breaches confidentiality. His secretary will talk over you and yell at you when she doesn't like what you have to say. When he is out of the office you will not receive any updates or auto email letting you know you just won't hear back from anyone for weeks. He makes rude and uncomfortable comments. His secretary thinks she's going above and beyond when really she's barley doing the bare minimum. I would never recommend this law office, even if my life depended on it! I was seeking support and guidance during the hardest time of my life and just ended up receiving more trauma. When confronted about their lack of professionalism and response both Gordon and his ratchet secretary will just gaslight you instead of holding themselves accountable for their extremely unprofessional way of running a business and service. he's losing his memory, repeats himself often and forgets entire conversations. Check out his reviews on Google. It's extremely concerning. I would send emails and he would literally just forward them it's a complete breach of confidentiality between lawyer and client. And then when confronted about it he gaslit me and yelled at me for me being upset with him forwarding my personal email to him to my ex-husband and my ex-husband's lawyer. Also I asked numerous times which I have the emails to prove for him to CC me on what he sends to my ex-husband and my ex-husband's lawyer on my behalf so I am in the loop and I know that he received my previous email based on being cc'd on the email being sent to my ex-husband and his lawyer. I was cc'd on maybe two emails over the last year. I can't even tell you how many times I would send an email following up on multiple emails that I had sent asking hey did