By Awaken Ed

1 5 months ago

Defrauding People 101

Please don’t be fooled by this Company. We learned the hard way that this is just another hand shake firm that plays with your claim, manipulating your emotions and sentiments with promises they don’t keep and then if you do not submit to their demands on settlement which they have already done in an internal settlement with opposing counsel FYI - they lie and call it a break down of lawyer client relationship and get off record leaving your case prejudiced and compromised as we learnt unfortunately the hard way- This was our experience when our lawyer retired and dumped us into their care - and this was the outcome of the process in a few short months - WORST LAW FIRM EVER - I heard from people that they were ambulance chasers and wondered why they were referenced in this manner now we know why - WE ARE CHEATED BUT NOT DEFEATED AND WE WILL SURVIVE despite the CON GAME THAT EXISTS IN SOKOLOFF- STAY AWAY FROM WENDY SOKOLOFF AND STANLEY RAZENBERG- The unbelievably rude, derogatory, insulting treatment we suffered at their hands was terrible and in addition to our injuries they have defeated our case by settling amounts with opposing parties as we learned of late and we reiterate -FIRST WE WERE JUST HURT BUT NOW WE ARE BOTH SUFFERING AND HURT - We hope you never have ever encounter what we did we will be reporting them to the Law Society for unethical behaviour and misrepresentation, breach of contract, duress and undue pressure and outright cheating and greed giving lawyers a bad name when such UNETHICAL LAWYERS ARE SEEKING TO EXTRACT EVERY PENNY BY COLLUDING AND MISREPRESENTATION AND IF THEY CANNOT EXACT IT FROM YOU THEN THEY WILL FLIP LOYALTIES TO FILL THEIR COFFERS NOT YOUR POCKET - you are just a means for them to put their deviousness and tricks into gear and even if they have to use them against you to make money 💰 💰 💰 they will not hesitate to BETRAY YOUR TRUST… BE WARNED FOLKS - we pray that you don’t fall victim to these vampires 🧛‍♂️ - have you ever